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Tailored for beginners, seniors, and postpartum returnees, the 'Foundations' class serves as the ideal starting point for those new to Pilates. It's designed to establish a robust foundation of core strength and flexibility, providing a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals seeking to initiate their journey into Pilates or reintroduce exercise

  • Learn how to stabilize before diving into movement, building control, awareness, and using the right muscles.

  • Grasp the importance of breathing and start coordinating it with your movements.

  • Get the hang of pelvic positioning, adjusting it as guided by your instructor.

  • Lift and lengthen your spine and muscles to provide support while on the equipment or mat.

  • Sample:: Lateral/Intercostal/3-D Breathing; Pre-Pilates/preparatory exercises; 1/2 Roll Back; Leg Slide; Leg Lift/Toe Tap; Pelvic Curl/Shoulder Bridge; Spine Twist Side lying

Gentle (beginner)

When your mind and body need a nourishing workout. Perfectly suited for those seeking a slower-paced Pilates session to rejuvenate both mind and body. It's thoughtfully crafted for individuals who appreciate a more moderate approach to movement.

  • Be aware of your breath and start coordinating it seamlessly with your movements.

  • Keep a stable pelvic position in various exercises, whether they're open chain, closed chain, or semi-closed chain.

  • Stabilize your shoulders and scapulae during upper body movements

Satisfying (beg/intermediate)

Suitable for clients who have mastered the basics, this level introduces more complex movements and variations. It aims to satisfy your fitness goals by providing a well-rounded workout that challenges and refines your Pilates skills.

You can expect rolling like a ball, the ab series and balance exercises.

  • Recognize and know most fundamental Pilates exercises by name 

  • Enhance breath capacity and stamina for a quicker pace with minimal cueing from the teacher.

  • Explore flexion and extension exercises, along with fundamental side-bending and rotation exercises.

  • Feel confident in modifying exercises to suit your body's needs if required

FLOW (intermediate)

Flow is characterized by fluid and continuous movements, seamlessly linking exercises for a dynamic and graceful Pilates experience. Participants at this level have developed a solid foundation and are ready for a more connected and rhythmic workout. Flow encourages a harmonious flow of movements, promoting strength, flexibility, and balance.

  • Navigate with fewer points of contact while ensuring safety.

  • Increase your range of motion and dive into inversions like the jackknife.

  • Tackle more complex rotational and side-bending exercises, including side bends.

  • Possess a working knowledge of fundamental exercise names, choreography, personal modifications, and transitions to flow seamlessly through the workout with minimal interruption.

  • Sample Exercises: Neck Pull, Shoulder Bridge, Swimming, Roll Over; Kneeling Side Kick

Intense (advanced)

The Intense level is designed for advanced practitioners seeking a challenging and invigorating Pilates session. With a focus on precision and control, Intense introduces advanced exercises that demand a high level of strength, stability, and flexibility. This level is ideal for those who are ready to push their limits and elevate their Pilates practice to new heights.

  • Experience required

  • Flow seamlessly through your routine with control and efficiency.

  • Adapt swiftly to variations or additions as cued by your teacher.

  • Suited for practitioners well-versed in the method with years of practice.

  • Sample Exercises: Control Balance, Twists, Crab

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