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The power of individualized attention and personalized instruction


We offer Private training sessions on all the pilates equipment: Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, ladder barrel

Have you been curious about pilates and its benefits but found yourself a little too intimidated to join a pilates class? Look no further! We offer private sessions that cater to your unique fitness goals and level. 

Book a private session tailored to your individual needs. Experience the benefits of classical Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, and Spine Corrector.​


45 Min for $75

55 Minute Session

$90 for 1

$850 for 10

The heart of the Method!

Private Sessions

Sharon + Melanie


With a focus on Classical Pilates, we strive to provide a unique and outstanding Pilates experience. When taught correctly, this method is incredibly effective, efficient, and safe.

Why Private Sessions?

Private instruction is at the heart of what we do. By mastering the mat repertoire and incorporating equipment, we enhance your Pilates practice. Utilizing the full Pilates system yields the best results, and we suggest booking a private session every 6-8 weeks to ensure continual progress.

Personalized Pilates Experience

Individual instruction here goes beyond a typical personal training session. You’ll learn Pilates tailored to your body, creating new movement patterns that will improve how you move, stand, sit, and play sports. We address bad postural habits and overuse of compensating muscles, resulting in a fitter, more aligned body and a focused mindset.

Group Classes and Beyond

Enjoy group classes? So do we! Our Group Mat sessions are designed to sharpen your focus and allow you to practice skills learned in Private Sessions. Mat and Apparatus work together seamlessly, enhancing your overall experience. If you prefer group training, we recommend supplementing with Private sessions for optimal results.

Equipment we use



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Book Consultation

A consultation session for those new to Pilates or new to the studio. We’ll spend some of the time discussing your fitness goals and medical/physical history while also exploring the studio and equipment with movement. The session is 45 minutes long. Please come wearing comfortable clothes to move in.

INVESTMENT: $75 for 45 Mins

I count my lucky stars that I found and chose this Pilates studio when I moved to Penticton 6 months ago. In a town where I knew no one, I have been welcomed so warmly and treated to an exceptional level of expertise and encouragement from Sharon and Melanie. I look forward to every session for my body, for the sense of community I've found at the Pilates Mat Room.

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xoxo, Anita!


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