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Class Schedule


Tailored for beginners, seniors, and postpartum returnees, the 'Foundations' class serves as the ideal starting point for those new to Pilates. It's designed to establish a robust foundation of core strength and flexibility, providing a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals seeking to initiate their journey into Pilates or reintroduce exercise

Gentle (beginner)

When your mind and body need a nourishing workout. Perfectly suited for those seeking a slower-paced Pilates session to rejuvenate both mind and body. It's thoughtfully crafted for individuals who appreciate a more moderate approach to movement.

Satisfying (beg/intermediate)

Suitable for clients who have mastered the basics, this level introduces more complex movements and variations. It aims to satisfy your fitness goals by providing a well-rounded workout that challenges and refines your Pilates skills.

You can expect rolling like a ball, the ab series and balance exercises.

Open to all levels, prior experience welcomed but not required

FLOW (intermediate)

Flow is characterized by fluid and continuous movements, seamlessly linking exercises for a dynamic and graceful Pilates experience. Participants at this level have developed a solid foundation and are ready for a more connected and rhythmic workout. Flow encourages a harmonious flow of movements, promoting strength, flexibility, and balance.

You can expect to do the roll over, corkscrew and teaser in this class. 

Prior experience needed to join this class. 

Intense (advanced)

The Intense level is designed for advanced practitioners seeking a challenging and invigorating Pilates session. With a focus on precision and control, Intense introduces advanced exercises that demand a high level of strength, stability, and flexibility. This level is ideal for those who are ready to push their limits and elevate their Pilates practice to new heights.

You can expect push ups, standing exercises and teaser. 

Designed for experienced participants; prior Pilates proficiency required


You must cancel your class with at least 24 hours notice prior to the class start time in order to get the credits back. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will lose the credits for that class.

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